Wounded Warrior Activities

Oakleaf benevolent activities for the Wounded, Ill and Injured are coordinated through the Inpatient Wounded and Family Liaison Office and vary as the needs of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center evolve.

They generally include the following:

▪ Lunches for inpatient Wounded Warriors and their family members.

▪ Supply volunteers and supplies for “Patient Visit Days” to visit inpatient Wounded Warriors and hand out donated items and snacks such as cookies and snacks, toiletries and person care items, children’s toys, and other nice to have items to make their life a bit more comfortable.

▪ Provide cakes, decorations, or other items for personal celebrations for inpatient wounded or their family members.

▪ Provide household items to the “Lending Closet” in building 62 for loan to the outpatient population living on base at Naval Support Activity Bethesda.

▪ Provide donations to Chaplain services at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.