USU Student Spouses Group

Welcome to all spouses, fiancées, and significant others of any active duty officer students at the Uniformed Services University! The USU Student Spouses Group is a sub-group of the Oakleaf Club, with the specific purpose of supporting spouses and significant others of the students at USU.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of military life or are brand new to the uniformed services, you may be wondering what USU has in store for you, the other half of the medical student. Your years at USU will be filled with excitement and new challenges. To help you adjust and make the most of your experience, the USU Student Spouses Group and Oakleaf Club are here to provide support, friendship, and fun.

The USU Student Spouses Group is very unique because there is no other military medical school. Our students and military members are of all different ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Some are fresh out of college with minimal military experience while others had careers as medics, pilots, Rangers, and SEALs. In turn, that also makes for a very diverse group of spouses with a wealth of expertise and experience. But no matter what your background, we are all figuring out this military medical school thing together.

Annual USU Student Spouses Group events include an orientation and welcome BBQ in August, a Halloween trick-or-treat parade for children in October, and a farewell event for 4th year spouses in May. Besides the USU Student Spouses Group, we also encourage you to participate in the many clubs, interest groups, and events that Oakleaf offers!

To join the Oakleaf Club and USU Student Spouses Group, CLICK HERE to complete the membership form and make sure to check the interest box for “USU Student Spouses.” Club dues are $30/year (renewed yearly).

Membership includes access to all events, an USU member guide, an area resource guide with local recommendations, a monthly e-newsletter, info sessions about major USU-related milestones, and outings and activities to connect with other USU and Walter Reed spouses.Upon confirmation of payment, you will then be added to the Oakleaf Club Facebook page. The USU Student Spouses Group Facebook page is free and open to all current and alumnus USUHS spouses. This group hosts several USU-specific meet-ups and informational sessions to provide support and advice as students and spouses make the transitions from year to year.