Benevolence Committee

The Benevolence Committee coordinates fundraising and benevolent efforts for the benefit of the staff, patients, Wounded, Ill and Injured, and their families at Walter Reed Bethesda and Naval Support Activity Bethesda.  The goal of our efforts is to support a positive moral amongst the staff and patients, and to help out with the many little touches that make folks day just a bit brighter.

Oakleaf Benevolence fundraises within our military community, but also accepts unsolicited donations. Fundraising efforts raise between $10,000 and $15,000 each year through silent auctions, our annual Tree of Honor held at Walter Reed Bethesda and unsolicited donations.

Our activities are divided into two “funds”, Benevolence Fund and the Wounded Warrior Fund. Expenditures from these funds are coordinated through the Benevolence Committee with Board approval.

Benevolence Activities

Benevolent activities in support of the staff and patients at Walter Reed Bethesda.  These programs provide departments supporting patient care with “nice to have” items for the moral, comfort and education of patients and staff.  These programs include:

  • Staff Wish List Program – provides “nice to have” items for staff education and moral or for an enhanced patient experience.
  • Pediatric Stuffed Animal Program – provides new stuffed animals and toys to pediatric patients undergoing procedures.
  • Ad Hoc Request Program – provides time sensitive items for staff education and moral or for an enhanced patient experience.
  • Knitting Group – coordinated in collaboration with the USO to provide knitting instruction and camaraderie for active duty service members, wounded and their families
  • Tree of Honor – Annual activity at Walter Reed Bethesda to honor deceased or living service members and groups by inviting the community to place names of honorees on an ever green tree during the month of December.

Wounded Warrior Activities

Oakleaf benevolent activities for the Wounded, Ill and Injured are coordinated through the Inpatient Wounded and Family Liaison Office and vary as the needs of Walter Reed Bethesda evolve. They generally include the following:

  • Lunches for inpatient Wounded Warriors and their family members.
  • Supply volunteers and supplies for “Patient Visit Days” to visit inpatient Wounded Warriors and hand out donated items and snacks such as cookies and snacks, toiletries and person care items, children’s toys, and other nice to have items to make their life a bit more comfortable.
  • Provide cakes, decorations, or other items for personal celebrations for inpatient wounded or their family members.
  • Provide household items to the “Lending Closet” in building 62 for loan to the outpatient population living on base at Walter Reed Bethesda.
  • Provide donations to Chaplain services at Walter Reed Bethesda.